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A continuing accumulation of miscellaneous stuff which may (or may not) be of interest to others.   So as to not be confused with other's with the same name, I was born and spent my childhood in New Jersey, high school in Vermont, college in New York and Colorado, adult life in Colorado.  Contact:  ted at tedhine dot com.

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About My Father And His Ancestors
Surnames: Hine, Kirtland, Skinner, Frame, Hall,
Turner, Jehu, Hillman, Marsh, Boardman.

About My Mother And Her Ancestors
Surnames: Hulburd, Coudy, Slayback, Seward,
Knowles, Lukens (Hine, Alderson).



In 1972 my brother Greg and I founded and built a company in Boulder, Colorado which till late 1986 designed, manufactured, and nationally distributed high quality sewn packs.  Our Hine/Snowbridge backpacks were used to climb the highest mountains in the world.  Kirtland/Tourpak bicycle packs literally were pedaled around the world and in the early 1980s had a 40% market share of all bicycle packs on the road in the U.S. during the bicycle touring boom.  Our Atan camera packs became a pack of choice for National Geographic and White House professional photographers and were chosen by NASA for use on the Space Shuttle early in its program.

We periodically get inquiries from collectors of vintage outdoor gear who want to identify the model name and/or to date a specific product and also from historians researching the outdoor recreation industry as it grew rapidly during this period fueled by the post WWII "baby boom" generation.  To help accommodate those who may be interested I've written a company history and digitized our product catalogs.

Click Here For The Hine/Snowbridge, Inc. History and Catalogs


About my 15 minutes of fame" as a rock musician.

Im a 1960s has been self-taught Rock & Roll lead guitarist who had
 my proverbial 15 minutes of fame" in 1967 when my band had a record
 on the charts in Colorado and neighboring states.

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