Solomon and Sarah Slayback
Compiled By Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandson Edward K. Hine, Jr. ("Ted")
April, 2005 (Updated March 2012)

   Solomon David Slayback, Sr.

 Born: August 2, 1753 in Trenton, Middlesex Co., NJ
 Died:  April 28, 1814 in Hamilton County, Ohio
 Cause of Death:   Unknown
Age at Death:  61
Old Saint Mary Cemetery,
                 Springdale, Hamilton County, Ohio
          GPS N 39 16.848, W 084 29.121 8 feet - WSG84 Datum)

 Father:       Dewald/Tewald "David" Slayback
 Mother:      Anna (?)
 Siblings:   John, David (Jr.), Abel, Eve, William,
                     Jesse, Anne, Jesse


Sarah Hoagland-Slayback

Born:  August 23, 1756 in Middlesex, Co, NJ
Died:  About 1828 in Hamilton County, Ohio
Cause of Death:  Unknown
Age at Death:  About 72
Old Saint Mary Cemetery,
                Springdale, Hamilton County, Ohio
        (GPS N 39 16.848, W 084 29.121 8 feet - WSG84 Datum)

Father:      Unknown
Mother:     Unknown
Siblings:   Unknown



Married:  About 1773.  Probably in New Jersey.


Children: Margaret Slayback-Seward
                   Anna, Sarah, Elizabeth, Amaziah,
                   David, John, William, Solomon (Jr.),
                   Mary, Jesse
, Abel

About Solomon and Sarah Slayback

Solomon David Slayback, Sr. was born August 2, 1753 in Trenton, Middlesex Co., New Jersey.   Sarah Hoagland was born in Middlesex County, NY on August 23, 1756.  They were married about 1773, probably in New Jersey.   The couple would have a total of 12 children between 1774 and 1798, the last being Margaret Slayback (1798-1877) who would marry Israel Seward in 1817.

Revolutionary War Powder Horn of Solomon David Slayback, Sr.

While living in New Jersey, Solomon David Slayback, Sr. served in the American Revolutionary War.

Click for a Slayback "Sons of the American Revolution" Application:  SAR Application

Sometime between 1793 and 1795, while in his early 40's, Solomon took his wife and his 9 children at the time, and moved westward to Lexington, Fayette Co., KY, along with his brother, William, and Martin Hoagland, a carpenter, probably Sarah's brother.   Sometime after Solomon and Sarah's last 3 children were born in Kentucky the family moved north across the Ohio River to Hamilton County, Ohio near what  today is Cincinnati, Ohio, where they would spend the rest of their lives.

Final Resting Place

Solomon David Slayback, Sr. passed away in April 28, 1814 in Hamilton Co., OH and Sarah died there in about 1828.   Both are buried in Old Saint Mary Cemetery, located on Route 4 (Springfield Pike) at Cameron Rd., Springdale, Hamilton Co., Ohio. 

Joyce Franz (my 5th cousin once removed) met me at
the final resting place of our common Slayback
ancestors which is not far from her home.
I visited the Old Saint Mary Cemetery in October of 2008.
(Gravesite GPS N 39 16.848, W 084 29.121 8 feet - WSG84 Datum)
(GPS N 39 16.848, W 084 29.121 8 feet - WSG84 Datum)
(2008 Photo by the author.)

Slayback Descendents of Note

After their daughter Margaret Slayback married Israel Seward and moved west to settle what is now the Butler/Hillsboro area of Montgomery County, Illinois, several of Solomon and Sarah's sons and a granddaughter also moved to the Illinois frontier and settled near the Sewards (who they had presumably known in Hamilton County, Ohio).  Click here for more information:

Related Hillsboro Settlers

Alonzo W. Slayback (1838-1882), a great-grandson of Solomon and Sarah Slayback (descended through Abel Slayback and Alexander L. Slayback) became a famous Civil War hero while serving as a Colonel in the Confederate Army.   Alonzo then became a noted St. Louis (MO) attorney and, with his brother Charles E. Slayback (1839-1924), founded the famous St. Louis Veiled Profit Parade (Ball) in 1878.   In 1935 my mother, Elizabeth Seward Hulburd, was honored to be selected as a Maid of Honor in the Veiled Profit Ball.   She always knew that she had a distant Slayback cousin who founded this famous St. Louis social event.

About Alonzo W. Slayback

About the Slayback Family in America

The information I've obtained indicates that Solomon David Slayback's great grand parents, grand parents, and parents were:

1 JOHAN "Hans" SCHLAPPACH b: 1661 in Eriz, Thun District, Switzerland
.. +Verena Ruchti/Duchti b: Abt. 1668 in Steffisberg, Thurnen Parish, Canton Bern, Switzerland m: Abt. 1692 d: in probably Holland

2 Johannes Heinrich Schlabbach b: Bet. 1690 - 1693 in Hunspach, Alsace, France d: Aft. 1733 likely in Pennsylvania
.. +Maria Elizabeth ? b: 1694 m: Abt. 1719 in Zweibrucken, Alsace, France

3 Dewald/Tewald "David" Slayback b: Abt. 1720 in Alsace, France d: April 04, 1791 in New Jersey Burial: Cemetery in the area of Mercer Co. ( formerly Middlesex Co.) , Windsor Twp., New Jersey
.. +Anna ? b: Abt. 1723 m: April 08, 1746 in Trenton, New Jersey d: August 10, 1801 in New Jersey

Solomon's grandfather, Johannes Heinrich Schlabbach,  and father, Dewald/Tewald Slayback,  arrived together in America at the Port of Philadelphia (PA) on September 29, 1733 aboard a ship named the Pink Mary "of Dublin" which departed from Plymouth, England.  "David" is the anglicized version of "Dewald" and "Schlabbach" was obviously changed to "Slayback".  The family (Johannes, his wife, and 4 children including Dewald) settled in Brecknock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where Johannes farmed about 100 acres of land.  His son Dewald "David" Slayback would move to New Jersey where he married in 1746 and Solomon David Slayback, Sr. was born in 1753.

Click below for a list of known Slayback descendents that I have in my genealogical database as of July, 2008.

Slayback Descendents


Joyce Franz and Deanna (Adams) Holm, both Slayback descendents and researchers, have provide almost everything I've presented here for which I am grateful.  Joyce and Deanna both descend from Solomon David Slayback, Sr. as do I.

Ted Hine - April 2005